Thunderstorm Forces Further Delay of Softball Finals

In an almost cruel act of suspense, a Tuesday evening thunderstorm forced the South Kingstown Slow Pitch Junior league to suspend play of its final game until Friday.

As if the South Kingstown Slow Pitch Softball finals needed another extension to their season, Mother Nature gave it to the Junior league on Tuesday evening. Rain and thunderstorms forced a suspension of the game just after the third inning, causing teams Jennifer’s Chocolates and Randall Realtors to pass the time in their dugouts as they awaited officials to make a call.

"We've never had to suspend a championship game, not for one minute," said league President Mike McAlice while staying dry in the announcer's booth.

The game’s first inning saw Jennifer’s Chocolates take the lead over Randall Realtors 3-2, with Randall catching up to close the second inning 3-3. Just before the rain hit, Randall Realtors scored one run on Jennifer’s Chocolates to bring the score at the storm’s onset to 4-3, Randall Realtors.

League officials huddled in the announcer’s booth over radars on smartphones and league policies waiting for lightning to clear and hoping the rain wouldn’t flood the field, but as water pooled around bases in the infield, it became clear the title would not be decided until a later date. Almost out of spite, skies broke minutes after the game was called, although the field was already too saturated.

The game will pick up where it left off at the beginning of the fourth inning on Friday evening at 6pm at Old Mountain Field.


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