What Questions would You Ask the New Superintendent?

Help us ask the right questions of the new superintendent, Ana Riley, who comes to Portsmouth after serving as superintendent in Dartmouth, Mass.

Portsmouth's new superintendent, Ana Riley, will soon be meeting teachers, staff, parents and students as she begins her work steering the district's four schools.

Riley, appointed to the job by the School Committee last week, has been the superintendent of schools in Dartmouth, Mass., up until now. 

Riley has agreed to answer some questions during a brief interview tomorrow. This presents an opportunity to ask the superintendent questions about her vision for the district, management style and what she feels are the most critical issues facing Portsmouth schools in both the near and long term.

There are also good questions to ask of the new superintendent that a reporter might not. That's why we're asking you to suggest some questions. Post them in the comments section and we'll gather them all before tomorrow's interview. Time may be limited, so not all questions will be asked, but we'll be sure to ask as many as possible.

Thank you!
Doug Smith June 18, 2014 at 09:04 AM
Mark, we also hope to have the new superintendent on our weekly public tv show, Portsmouth this Week, later on in August. Please share the questions you don't have time to ask and I'll see if we can use them on the show. Doug Smith


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