PHOTOS: Seniors, Youth Make New Friends on Intergenerational Day

Portsmouth Middle School held its Intergenerational Day on Wednesday at the school.

opened its doors this week to some special visitors, resulting in new friendships to last a lifetime. 

About 15 members of the visited the middle school on Wednesday as part of Intergenerational Day.

A middle school student was "matched up" with each senior citizen and spent the day with them, watching a performance of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and eating lunch. 

"It's really nice to see," said middle school guidance counselor Lisa Little. "It's great for them (senior citizens) to come in and see the kids in our schools. It's great to have the families visit, too." 

Students were also asked to invite families members to watch the play, which was performed by the Hampstead Stage Company. The event was funded and organized by the school's PTO. 

A total of more than 600 family members and senior citizens visited the middle school on Wednesday and a second performance Thursday. 

The visit was especially memorable for retired Portsmouth Middle and teacher Bob Paradis, who received a new look at the school from fifth-grader Patrick Renault.

"He's been helping me out a lot today. It (being at the middle school) brings back a lot of memories," Paradis said. 

Paradis taught at the school when it was first built and retired in 1990. He also taught Renault's mother, Courtney, when she attended the middle school.

"He (Renault) has told me things about the school like the fact the students transition to different teachers each class," Paradis said. "I find that very interesting." 

Photos from Intergenerational Day can be seen at right! 


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