Do You Know the Dress Code for School Dances?

The code reportedly calls for no jeans or T-shirts.

It's assumed that most students will be dressed to the nines at prom, but did you know that also has a dress code for all semi-formal dances?

The student handbook states that students are forbidden to wear jeans, T-shirts and beach wear to all semi-formal dances.

"Jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, gym or beachwear are not suitable for semi-formal dances," reads the dress code in the student handbook. "Gentlemen must wear a shirt and tie. The junior and senior proms are considered formal events requiring formal attire. Financial assistance for students facing economic hardship is available."

But according to a recent report, approximately a dozen Portsmouth High students either didn't know the rules, or chose not to abide. They were reportedly asked to leave the froshmore dance on Friday night for wearing "short skirts and jeans," according to WPRI.com.

The student handbook also states that students will be removed from any dance for "inappropriate behavior." Also, "sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated," according to the rules.

To read the full student handbook or the rules for school dances, click here. The Portsmouth High School student handbook is also attached above.

Janet Shea May 17, 2011 at 07:20 PM
Perhaps if 10 or 20 Portsmouth parents had volunteered to chaperone their children at the Froshmore dance, there would be a different "take" on acceptable "behaviors" on the dance floor!
East side May 18, 2011 at 01:09 AM
I'm sure the students would love to have there parents there. That's realistic.
BE May 18, 2011 at 11:33 AM
Teenagers in Portsmouth don't have many opportunities to 'dress up' with their friends. Some seize the moment as an opportunity to step outside the realm of daily life. It is unfortunate that entertainment media role models have been allowed to set such a poor standard. Short, tight dresses actually make dancing very uncomfortable. And as the name semi-formal is defined, it is obvious that jeans, t-shirts don't apply, even if you iron them. This pendulum swings and I am drawn back to "Footloose". Portsmouth is not biblical, and it is possible to be 15-18 and enjoy the fun of the music with a friend or a date without body parts mashing together. My understanding this time around is that the lights in the gym were so bright and the rules so stringent that the fear of 'grinding' was not a problem because there was not much dancing. Many of these kids just don't know how to go about having fun, appropriately. Any mother or father that puts their 15 or 16 year old (it is a Froshmore dance) in skin tight short dresses has bigger issues at home. It's too bad that the Principal of the High School has to be the one to set the bar. Pride begins in the home. Children look toward their parents for boundries. They rebel, but they want it. They need it. As much as we enjoy our children, it is not our job to be their BFF, We are their parents! What are these kids that were turned away going to do when they get to college and no one is looking after them?
Kelsey September 14, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Sexually explicit dancing? Kay. Grinding is why I don't ever want to atend dances anymore. My eighth grade semi-formal was one of the worst dances I've ever been to in my life. This was all because of girls and guys rubbing there so called 'private parts' upon each other. Last year I didn't go to my homecoming dance because I had a severe concussion, however the time I had watching movie is pajama pants and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt with my boyfrined was much better, I feel, than watching half of a gymful of girls giving themselves to the other half of a gymful of very aroused guys! It's not like these dancers are hard to find! They stand in a cluster in the middle of the gymnasium doing what they shouldn't be doing.


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