Compass School Charter Renewed by State

According to a press release, the Compass School is granted a five-year charter renewal, recognizing its leadership in innovative educational strategies and a strong academic track record.

The Compass School, a K thru 8 public charter school in Kingston, is one of two existing Rhode Island charter schools to be extended for five years recently.

The Compass School’s leadership and strong academic track record are credited for its success and renewal granting. To be considered for renewal, the school passed the rigorous review of the Rhode Island Department of Education.

While the recommendation was based on many considerations, the school’s NECAP results distinguish the Compass School as one of the highest academically performing public schools in Rhode Island for elementary and middle school grade levels.

Allen Zipke, the Compass School director, said, “Education reform is a national concern and our efforts to provide an alternative to traditional public education have placed us at the forefront of a nationwide movement toward better opportunities for our children. We are part of a network of educators, parents and innovators who are committed to revamping the way we teach and how we relate to our students.”

The Compass School recently acquired 20 acres of farmland that the campus resides upon. The expansion is part of a long-term planning effort to broaden the opportunities for experiential learning at the school. This plan includes the development of facilities for additional classroom space and to use the farmland as a resource to enhance student and community education about environmental issues.

With renovations, the farmhouse will be home for our special education program and administration, and it will expand the school’s ability to serve these students, who comprise 20 percent of the population. As a not-for-profit, the school is actively engaging the philanthropic community and friends to support this capital-driven initiative.

The Compass School receives public tax dollars, as well as federal and state grants to support its operating budget. For special projects and initiatives, the school engages in fundraising efforts. In accordance with its charter, all applications are considered, ensuring a student demographic based upon an equally distributed enrollment reflecting the school community. Per the guidelines set forth by RIDE, a lottery is conducted if the amount of applicants exceeds the available openings.

From RIDE’s renewal of the Compass School: “The educational program at the Compass School is an academic success. With few exceptions in its most recent charter term, the school has significantly outperformed its sending districts and similar schools statewide on both the NECAP mathematics and reading. The school’s student growth percentiles have steadily increased over the last three years. Compass’ median SGP has improved from being in the middle 60 percent of schools in Rhode Island to being in the top 20 percent in the most recent year.”

Release courtesy of Seaside Consulting on behalf of the Compass School.

scott d. awg May 25, 2012 at 12:53 AM
No, I absolutely do not belong to any union nor have I ever.
scott d. awg May 25, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Why does it always have to be union-non union,democrat-republican,why can't it just be what is best for all & not a select few?That is whats terribly wrong with this country from our town council all the way up the ladder.Geez i guess that last one wasn't my last one !!!
Ted Geisel May 25, 2012 at 12:21 PM
This is Rhode Island, everything is controlled by special interests. When is the last time your local politician did what was best for all? The legislature could care less about the State Constitution or the US Constitution. The people of RI keep electing the same politicians over and over again. To me that is a resounding endorsement that the current system is exactly what they want. They want crony-ism, special interests, and corruption. I don't know why but they do.
John Fitzelle-Jones June 20, 2012 at 07:46 PM
My children go to Compass School. It is a partnership between parents teachers and staff. I basically think that everyone should have school choice to find a good fit for their children. If nothing else, quality charter school demonstrate how choice effects the culture of a school. So give everybody a choice! Have enough schools that everyone on the waiting list gets in. Specifically, if a child is being harassed by a bully or group of bullies, they should absolutely be given a choice to transfer to another school. We unrealistically expect kids to want to go to school based on zip codes when we wouldn't want anyone to get subjected to what happens to some kids. Compass school emphasizes environmentalism and citizenship. In other words it has a vision based on coherhent values that affects the culture of the community. Also, there was a recent headline that Compass was showing high scores in the rate of improvement of the students test scores. They enter with lower scores and their scores go up. That's the key statistic.
John September 09, 2012 at 02:34 PM
If the average cost to educate a child in RI is $10,000 per year, why don't more towns look into giving a tax credit to families who choose not to send their children to public schools?


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