Voters Elect Water and Fire District Tax Assessors, Collector

A small percentage of voters turned out for Wednesday's election.

Only a small percentage of voters turned out Wednesday for the election. 

Only 185 voters or 1.49% of eligible voters cast ballots. A total of 12,425 district customers were eligible to vote. 

The positions of two tax assessors and one tax collector were up for grabs. There were no contested seats; however, there could be write-ins on the ballot. 

Elected as tax assessor were Theodore T. Czech with 150 votes and Michael W. Nott with 153 votes. 

There were three write-ins: "Peter McIntire," "Fredrick Faerber III" and "J. Richard." There was one blank ballot. 

Elected to the postion of tax collector was Frederick W. Faerber III with 158 votes. 


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