Voter Registration Ends Oct. 7: What You Need to Do Now

With the voter registration deadline drawing close, here are some instructions on how to make sure you don't miss out on getting your ballot cast in Portsmouth.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote, head on over to Portsmouth Town Hall and get it off your to-do list.

Six million people didn’t vote in the 2008 elections because they either did not know how to register or because they missed the voter registration deadline. 

The voter registration deadline for Rhode Island is Oct. 7. Mail ballots may be requested up to Oct. 16.

Here’s information on how you can register in time for the Nov. 6 elections:

And don't forget — this year, all Rhode Island voters are required to show valid photo ID at the polls. Be sure to review our video on how to get a Rhode Island Voter ID card in case you need one.

a resident with a watchful eye October 10, 2012 at 02:02 AM
I urge all ports voters to research the council and school candidates....huge differences.....Kesson wants ONE contract for all town employees......One medical plan, One pension (his words, not mine)....So Mr. Kesson: Do you want all town employees to retire after 20 years like the PPD and PFD? or, do you want police and fire to work longer?
a resident with a watchful eye October 10, 2012 at 02:11 AM
Liz Pedro says: " I am a team player who works well with others, despite political affiliations." Really? I received a voluminous package of literature at my house this weekend and it did not contain anything from Mr. Hamilton. (a fellow Republican). In fact, it contained an invite to attend a free meet the candidates party and the invite purposely DID NOT include Mr. Hamilton's name. It only had Pedro, Staven, Kesson and Robicheau. Hardly seems like a team player to me!
a resident with a watchful eye October 10, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Robicheau"s literature says he saved the Town's pension fund from bankruptcy. REALLY? I'm pretty sure during the last election cycle Mr. Robicheau said The TOWN should file bankruptcy! Oh well. We she'd be used those comments from him. A few months ago he said we should just scrap the windmill project. Now, on his campaign literature he says he wants to save the project.
old timer October 10, 2012 at 10:21 AM
When I received that literature I would have laughed myself if it wasn't so sad. Last election Mr. Robicheau proposed bankruptcy as the town's only solution, now he says he saved us from the threat of bankruptcy. He was the only one threatening it, did he save us from himself? All four claim to have engaged in pension reform but all they really did was change the assumed rate of return and how the pension debt is paid in order to require TAXPAYERS to contribute more to the damn pensions. More of my money! As Treasurer Raimondo has stressed, real pension reform at the local level is only accomplished through re-negotiation of existing labor contracts. This group hasn't done anything in that regard. They haven't even been able to reach an agreement with the municipal employees union. I'm told neither the Town Administrator nor any councilor even go to the negotiations, it was all turned over to a $400 an hour Providence lawyer before the first meeting. If they can't even sit across the table from the 12 people who work in town hall and they need a high priced lawyer to negotiate with that group they are going to need a team of lawyers to negotiate with police, fire and public works departments next year. They're totally disengaged. Even the selection of the new fire chief has been turned over to an outside firm. They turn all the town's real issues over to outside consultants and lawyers and save their time to concentrate on what really matters: the transfer station.


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