VIDEO: Congressional Candidate Vows to Stop Bridge Tolls

Brendan Doherty, candidate for the first Congressional District, discussed his views on the Sakonnet River Bridge toll at a morning press conference.

A plan to place tolls on the new Sakonnet River Bridge is nothing more than "a failure of leadership," said Congressional candidate Brendan Doherty

Doherty, who is running as a Republican candidate for the First Congressional District, held a news conference Thursday morning on the Tiverton side of the new Sakonnet River Bridge.

While surrounded from reporters from various media outlets, the Congressional candidate spoke about how  will harm the local economy. 

"It (bridge tolls) is an economic impediment. Those that live in Little Compton and Tiverton might think twice before getting their coffee at the or their groceries at , or traveling to beautiful downtown Bristol," Doherty said.

"This will hurt the small business owners on Aquidneck Island who depend on the ease and convenience of commerce to provide for their families. It is a failure of leadership." 

Doherty said, if elected, he would work toward three things: 

  • Changing the federal transportation formula; 
  • Establish a public/private infrastructure bank; 
  • Supplement the highway trust fund by leasing federal lands.

To view more from this morning's news conference, view the video above. 

What do you think about Doherty's plan? Do you think it will work? Tell us in the comment section below! 

Bear401 September 06, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Sounds like a lot of election year mumbo jumbo. The "lack of leadership" comes from the fact that this state is corrupt & crony infested. Clean out all of the dead wood that is sitting in offices all over this state with nothing to do except discuss their golf game & decide whose turn it is to buy lunch. But those people have direct and/or indirect connections in the State House so they will continue stealing their paycheck every two weeks
DSilva September 06, 2012 at 05:35 PM
He is proposing the same exact plan that Cicilline already proposed: http://www.boston.com/news/local/rhode-island/2012/09/06/republican-doherty-wants-feds-stop-bridge-toll/y2ysR24vMOY3RAAhHGR2nI/story.html "He proposes allowing federal money set aside for building roads and bridges to also be used to maintain them. He wants to establish a public-private infrastructure bank for large building projects. That proposal is similar to one Cicilline has been pushing since 2010. Doherty said he wasn’t aware of Cicilline’s plan."
Jeremy K. Rauschert September 07, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Vote for me and I will promise you a BMW, Wealth and that you will live forever.!


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