VIDEO: Coast Guard Lays Buoys, Creates New Sakonnet River Channel

Patch rode along with the United States Coast Guard Wednesday morning as they lay new buoys in the Sakonnet River for the temporary channel.

Members of the United States Coast Guard patrolled the Sakonnet River near the Route 24 bridge on Wednesday, creating the  on the western, Portsmouth side.

Also taking place this week, Cardi Corporation moved its barges and cranes into the center channel to begin construction of the center span of the new bridge, slated to be completed next spring. The main river channel will be , which began this past Tuesday, Sept 6.

Chief Petty Officer Gregg Marsili drove one of the Coast Guard patrol boats, along with Chief Petty Officer Mark Chartier and Petty Officer Nicholas Rago. They placed a buoy, number 15B, at a crucial section underneath the Portsmouth side of the bridge, where vessels entering have to negotiate close to a 90 degree turn, whether coming from the south or north.

Marsili reiterates this turn is especially important for mariners to be aware of when traveling from the Mount Hope Bay area. Electronic signage has been placed a various locations north and south of the channel passage.


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