Tolls, Web Sites, Marketing Plans on EDC Agenda Tonight

The town's EDC has a packed agenda tonight (April 23).

The Portsmouth Economic Development Committee meets tonight at 6 p.m. in Portsmouth Town Hall.

On the agenda are a number of notable items, such as the latest on the toll opposition effort, discussion about the EDC and town Web sites, the Glen Manor House business plan and the draft of the committee's annual report to the Town Council.

Also noteworthy is the committee's need for new members. The committee is expected to talk about the need for new members and how to recruit them in addition to the upcoming election of a vice chairperson and secretary.

Take a peek at the agenda HERE.
myrealtoravery April 23, 2014 at 11:13 AM
What happened to the Residents of Portsmouth, Newport and Middletown getting a 1 price per day, round-trip discounted rate that we were originally promised? Unless we have planes, boats or wings, we can't leave this Island without paying. My usage is at least 6-7 times a day, due to my work. Also, when the RIBTA sends out those "Monthly email Reminders" that the speed on the Sakonnet Bridge is 40mph... I almost caused an accident trying to get my speed down to 50, much less 40. There is NO signage on either side of the Bridge indicating 40mph --other than a 25mph exit ramp, and the Transponder will now be the State's Big Brother tracking device to just track and bill us MORE. That will be a huge revenue boon to the State's Coffers, because NO ONE goes 40mph over that bridge. And, if we have to pay more for the tolls, WHY can't we see those colored lights that were soooo promoted by the Arts? For lighting so new, and so many problems since installation ??? For the amount we have to pay--and will pay for the new increase, and the slow speed we will now have to go... I would like to have some colored lights to view at 40mph to make my trip over the bridge eventful!!!!
Patriot April 23, 2014 at 11:40 AM
Just a brief note about the lights. Personally, I think they are a bit garish, but maybe I'm old fashioned. In any case, the DOT has announced that the lights have never worked properly, and that the manufacturer is accepting full responsibility for manufacturing flaws and the company is in the process of refabricating all of them (at the manufacturer's expense).


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