Tiverton Becomes a Rhode Island Skate Park Destination [VIDEO]

Bulgarmarsh Skate Park officially opened last weekend.

The nice early spring weather has had extreme sports enthusiasts dreaming of grinds and half-pipes, waiting patiently for a local Tiverton park to rival some of the best in the state.

They didn't have to wait long. The warm air led to an early completion of the new skate park at one Recreation Commission member Chris Roemlein said will be unique for Rhode Island, being one of the most technical.

The park, which officially opened last Saturday, was designed by a southern Maine skate park design and construction company, Who Skates. Roemlein did thorough research, and traveled the country, to find the best skate park for Tiverton.

The skateboarders, stunt bike riders and inline skaters who occupied the park throughout the warm days of April — as many as 75 to 100 a day, according to  Recreation Commission Chairman Gary Rose — seem to agree. They were there last Friday afternoon on the eve of the opening, jumping the vertical ramps, attempting grabs, grinding the rails and having fun with friends.

Kyle Yusen of Portsmouth said it's really nice to have a skate park this close to his home, and said the only other comparable skate park requires a trek to Jamestown.

Roemlein said the project is 15 years coming, beginning with then-high schooler Ethan Smith, who raised about $26,000 from t-shirt sales, and took the ideaof the park to the town.

"It's a tough thing to sell to people," Roemlein said.

When Smith went to college, friend Diane Toste took over the fundraising effort, and located the space for the park. Roemlein said he took over the fundraising for Toste and toured skate parks all over the country, joined by two local skaters who advised him on the park's design.

Maintenance Director Bob Martin also assisted with the financing, securing a grant from the Department of Environmental Management and a scoring donated plants from to spruce up the park. 

A full list of the safety policy and regulations is posted at the park and will soon be posted here. Martin said lights have been installed and will be shut off every night at 11 p.m.

Read our previous coverage of the skate park coming to Tiverton:

Edmond Sheffield June 18, 2012 at 04:36 PM
The rules are posted there, but there is absolutely no one there to enforce them except teenagers who have their own unwritten rules that they enforce with their fists. Here we have a very dangerous situation where almost none of the kids wear any type of safety gear. Young kids try to skateboard, while older kids are doing daring stunts on bikes at the same time. A skate park is a fine idea, but if there's no one there to enforce safety rules, then what do think will be the result? The town of Tiverton and whovever own the park will inevitably be sued when kids are crippled as a result of this. Its worse than having a pool in your front yard with no fence and no lifeguard, and just letting all the little kids and teens come there to play. Worse, because you are advertising for all the kids and teens to come there and have a wild time. Irresponsibe and without a doubt it will end in trajedy, and lawsuits. They need a supervisor to make sure kids are wearing a helmet and not endangering others, at least.


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