Tax Assessor David Dolce to Request Leave of Absence

David Dolce is requesting a leave of absence to serve as interim town administrator.

will request a leave of absence on Monday to serve as interim town administrator.

On July 25, the Portsmouth Town Council surprisingly appointed as interim town administrator. Dolce was expected to temporarily serve as both tax assessor and town administrator for up to six months, while the council seeks a replacement for longtime administrator , who announced in April he would not seek a renewal of his contract.

However, not everyone believed the appointment on July 25 was in accordance with the town charter.

Seveney requested the town solicitor to check Article IX, 901, of the town charter, which says "no employee shall hold simultaneously more than one (1) paid position for the Town."

The town solicitor later ruled that Dolce could not serve as tax assessor and interim town administrator at the same time.

“The appointment of the tax assessor as town administrator was lawful. However, as [Town Councilor Jim] Seveney points out, a person cannot hold two offices at the same time,” said Town Solicitor D.A. D’Andrea.

Dolce, according to a letter to the council president dated Aug. 16, has decided to request a leave of absence.

"I request a temporary leave of absence from my position as Tax Assessor/Collector effective Aug. 23, 2011, the first day as Inerim Town Administrator and expiring upon the appointment of a new Town Administrator. This would satisfy Article IX paragraph 901 Dual Office Holding Home Rule Charter," Dolce wrote.

However, he is also requesting to be appointed as acting tax assessor/collector.

"I request appointment as acting Tax Assessor/Collector or authorization to perform duties of, allowing me to sign necessary documents critical to the function of the office.

"I request the Town Council's approval to assign additional administrative duties to one person in the tax assessment office and one person in the tax collection office.

"A stipend shall be paid for these additional tasks. The stipend shall be $2,500 for six months prorated at $96 per week or $192 per pay period until the interim town administrator appointment ceases. This stipend will not be counted towards longevity or pension benefits."

Dolce will seek approval from the town council on these matters at Monday's meeting, which begins at 7 pm at Town Hall.

time 2 go August 20, 2011 at 07:04 PM
I think, David Dolce has found a chink in the armor...aka...loophole!
Starting to Wonder August 21, 2011 at 09:25 PM
But the Town Administrator is supposed to oversee all departments and handle any complaints about any department heads, so David Dolce will be self-policing because he will still be "acting" Tax Assessor? That doesn't sound right to me. This whole thing has been one foolish move after another on the Council's part. And for what? What is the Council's goal here? I thought they were supposed to make the laws of the town, not run it! Maybe with Dolce they think they'll be able to run it, too.


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