PUC Advocacy Board Supports New Ferry Service

What would happen if Prudence Island had two separate ferry services? That could happen with the latest decision.

Credit: Portsmouth Patch
Credit: Portsmouth Patch
The existence of two Prudence Island ferries became a possibility after the recent decision of the Advocacy Section of the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers, reports The Portsmouth Times

The advocacy board recommended the PUC division grant the new company, A&R Marine, with a certificate of public convenience and necessity, according to The Portsmouth Times. 

This decision makes the possibility of A&R Marine's ferry service more of a reality. 

The Prudence Island ferry is currently operated under a business known as Prudence Island Ferry Inc., which has been owned by Bruce Medley since the mid-1980s. 

A discussion about ferry services began last year when Medley announced he would retire. 

Medley originally said the ferry service would end on Dec. 1; however, he later took back this statement. The Prudence Island Ferry Service does not plan on closing now. 

However, the retirement announcement set into motion a discussion about ferry services. 

Recently, a new company, A&R Marine, which would operate as Prudence and Bay Islands Transport, has submitted its application to the PUC. 

A&R Marine would operate as Prudence and Bay Islands Transport, according to its application. The company was formed by Ethan Rossi, who holds a captain’s license, and Patricia Rossi, both of Prudence Island, and Stephen Antaya and Danial Antaya, both of Richmond. 

The application was filed on Sept. 19. It seeks a certificate of public convenience and necessity.

The new company will have to prove that is “fit, willing and able to provide ferry service” and that there is a need for the ferry service. 

With Prudence Island Ferry already offering a service to the island, A&R also must prove that the service is inadequate or would be down the road.

What do you think about this latest decision? Tell us in the comment section below. 


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