State Rep Introduces Bill To Prohibit Duck Hunting Near Kings Grant

Rep. Raymond Gallison has introduced a bill that, if passed, would prohibit duck hunting south of Cory's Lane and north of Maritime Drive.

State Rep. Raymond E. Gallison, Jr. (Democrat- District 69, Bristol, Portsmouth) introduced new legislation Wednesday to prohibit duck hunting near the Kings Grant residential development off West Main Road. 

The legislation comes after several occurring on a nearby beach and much too close to their homes. 

"The law in Rhode Island allows hunters to fire weapons within 500 feet of an occupied residence. That is really very close when you have pets, children and grandchildren who also walk the beach," wrote resident Mike Doyle in an e-mail to Gallison. 

The legislation, House Bill 7433, prohibits the hunting of waterfowl "in the area south of Cory's Lane and north of Maritime Drive." 

The distance between Cory's Lane and Maritime Drive is nearly three miles long, starting from  and passing New England Boatworks and . 

The pending legislation has been introduced and forwarded to the House Municipal Government.

Jim L February 08, 2012 at 07:40 PM
spot hunting zones? mountain out of a mole hill and pleasing a donor at best, how about working on pensions and foreclosers!


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