Portsmouth Will Put Town Check Register Online

Did the town pay that bill? Soon, you can check for yourself.

Soon, Portsmouth residents will be able to see the town spend its money — in real time.

Town Administrator John C. Klimm told the Town Council on Monday that every bill that gets paid by the Finance Department will be posted on the town's Web site shortly after the check is written.

"We're literally going to have the town check register on the Web site," Klimm said. "Every time the Finance Department writes a check, the citizens will be able to go online and see where their tax dollars are going."

Klimm said the measure follows other steps the town is taking to provide a clearer picture of the day-to-day financial operations in Portsmouth, such as improving the reporting of bill schedules to the council before every meeting and putting the town's debt schedule on the Web site.

Klimm noted that a concerned citizen raised the issue of the total amount of town debt and said the improved reporting of information will help give residents the right information to make informed opinions. 


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