Portsmouth Economic Development Committee Holds Revenue Workshop with Town Council

The PEDC held an economic workshop with members of the Town Council on Wednesday.

The Portsmouth Economic Development Committee (PEDC) conducted a workshop with the Town Council on Wednesday, Feb. 9, at Town Hall.

Council members present included Council President Joe Robicheau, Jim Seveney and Keith Hamilton. 

The workshop focused on the PEDC's assessment of Portsmouth's economic conditions. The PEDC is in the process of developing ideas for revenue generation to help offset expected future town budget shortfalls.

Attached at right is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation given at Wednesday's workshop.

Ray Berberick February 13, 2011 at 04:26 AM
Bill: We are literally in the embryonic stages of this effort. I have already collected several ideas from some folks in town to use as a starting point to begin the "ideation" phase of our work. There are no formal draft goals at this point. That is what we will do in committee. There are no hidden agendas here. All ideas will be discussed and culled down to a realistic list. The work the PEDC did in 2009 from the two workshops indicated preferences to "maintain the town character." We are aware of the lessons learned from the Target. The RGSC will work hard to take all of these factors and more into consideration as we proceed. The concept of a second turbine could be one of those ideas. Don't know yet. The work that we plan to do over the next six to twelve months can explore this option in detail. It may or may not make the final list. Love to have you on the committee. Call me at 682-2007. Ray
Ray Berberick February 13, 2011 at 04:32 AM
Joe: Good thoughts. In our regular PEDC meetings, these issues come up. Although a little beyond the mandate of the RGSC, I envision making separate lists of issues like these to pass them on to other groups for action. For example, if there are any ideas that have merit, but the time frame is longer than five years, then we can pass those ideas along to the Strategic Planning Subcommitee. Similarly, when our committee work identifies issues like these, and having enough supporting information, we can pass the results to our State Senator and Representative for consideration and action. I like your thinking. Consider joining us. Call me at 682-2007.
Joe Sousa. February 13, 2011 at 11:36 AM
Ray, I am a resident of Tiverton. My parents live in the park where I grew up. My interest is there financial security. Like many they live on a fixed income retirement. I do hope a dialog between all the towns can continue. There are things we can save money on. A regional approach to town services is obtainable. I would like to see councils talking about a Newport County Police Fire and Public works department. There is no reason to have multiple directors and chiefs. We could save millions with a consolidation. People have to loose the parochial position of local control. We are one state and one country. The school systems need a similar approach. The administrative costs rob dollars that should go to class room instruction. We just waste way to much money.
albert February 14, 2011 at 08:40 PM
Respectfully, I can appreciate the research that shows businesses are less of a "burden" on the town than residential development. However, if you look at Middletown there is every type of business from big box to small business, and their taxes go up every year. They have never gone down. I know residential property owners that tell me this is the case. I am skeptical that I would actually see my property taxes go down if we saw an influx of business development. I know that Portsmouth is much more developed in the last 20 years and the taxes to my knowledge, have not decreased.
Ray Berberick February 14, 2011 at 09:28 PM
Response to Albert: Those are very good points. So, the starting point for one discussion in committee would be that both residential and business development have not necessarily reduced the tax burden. Then, using that as a basis for discussion, what ideas can we generate that will bring in new revenue without raising taxes and implementing new fees (not including new residential and commercial development)? Very, very tough question. The committee will work to create new ideas and use resources to find out what other towns have done to answer this question. I welcome your thoughts. Consider joining the newly formed Revenue Generation Subcommittee. Feel free to call me at 682-2007. Thanks. Ray


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