Newport Election 2012: Napolitano Top Vote Getter; Newport Says No to Casino Expansion

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Preliminary election results can be found at the bottom of this article.

Newport voters turned out in droves, and some waited in very long lines, to cast their vote during Tuesday’s election. 

While mail ballots have not yet been counted, preliminary results show voters have elected two new faces to the Newport City Council.

Newport voters chose Michael Farley as the council’s newest At-Large member over Donald Boucher by more than 1,000 votes.

“It’s a great feeling, I’m thrilled with the result. I’m so grateful for everyone who’s supported me in this race and the last,” Farley said. “I’m excited to start the transition by sitting down with city staff and looking at the pending issues.”

Farley said he is most focused on economic development in Newport, as well as bringing down the violent crime rate, even if by only a small percentage.

Incumbents Henry Winthrop, Jeanne-Marie Napolitano and Naomi Neville were re-elected to their At-Large seats.

“I’m excited,” Neville said after a long night of tallying votes at People’s Café. “We’ve got a good team for the upcoming term.”  

Mayor Winthrop also said he was happy with the outcome of the election.

“Last election, I was 800 [votes] behind [the top vote getter]. Now I’m only 130 behind,” he said. Winthrop said he felt the surge in voter support as validation that the community supports his time spent as mayor.

Winthrop was appointed the newest mayor of Newport when former mayor Stephen Waluk stepped down from the Council to pursue a job with the Rhode Island District Court.

“I’m going to keep pushing on the strategic plan and developing Broadway,” he said. “I want to make sure the infrastructure of the city is strong.”

According to preliminary results, newcomer Marco Camacho ousted incumbent Charles Duncan for the 1st Ward councilor seat.

“I’m feeling really good, I’m starting work tomorrow,” Camacho said late Tuesday night. “I’m looking into building our infrastructure and targeting the 35 and under crowd, the young professionals, and bringing them to Newport.”

Camacho added that he was “nothing but honored” that the 1st Ward community elected him to the City Council.

“I’m deeply honored. . .especially running against Charlie. He’s a great guy, very gracious, he ran a great campaign.”

Winthrop said he was looking forward to working with two new members of the council.

“Any time you bring someone new, they’re going to bring something new to the council,” he said. “I think they’re both very smart guys.”

Farley also had positive words about fellow newcomer Camacho.

“Marco brings a fresh voice to the council. Charlie has done a wonderful job, I’m sorry to see him go. . .” he said.

Justin McLaughlin and Kathryn Leonard ran unopposed as 2nd and 3rd Ward candidates, respectively.

Newport School Committee Race

The race for Newport School Committee was less dramatic, with seven candidates running for seven seats.

Jo Eva Gaines, Charles Shoemaker, Sandra Flowers, Robert Leary, Rebecca Bolan and Thomas Phelan were re-elected to the committee. Robert B. Power will be the committee’s newest addition.

School Committee Chairman Patrick Kelley did not seek re-election.

Newport Grand – Question 2 and Question 8

As of 11:50 p.m. on Tuesday, with 431 of 453 precincts report, 66.8 percent of Rhode Islanders voted for the expansion of Newport Grand, while Newporters said no to table games.

Locally, 54.3 percent of Newport voters rejected the ballot to expand the casino.

Question 8 would have had to be approved by Newport voters to validate the approval of the state-wide Question 2 ballot.

Newport Grand will continue to be a slots-only casino. 


View the preliminary election results below: 

At-Large Candidates


Jeanne-Marie Napolitano (I)


Henry Winthrop (I)


Naomi L. Neville (I)


Michael T. Farley 


Donald Boucher



1st Ward Candidates


Charles Y. Duncan (I)


Marco Camacho



2nd Ward Candidates Votes Justin McLaughlin 2027 Write-In 37


3rd Ward Candidates Votes Kathryn Leonard 1872 Write-In 54


School Committee Candidates*


Jo Eva Gaines


Charles P. Shoemaker


Sandra J. Flowers


Robert J. Leary


Rebecca Bolan


Thomas S. Phelan


Robert B. Power


*All candidates were unopposed.


R.I. Senate District 12  Votes Louis DiPalma (D) 664 Write-In 9


R.I. Senate District 13


M. Teresa Paiva-Weed (D)


Geoffrey William Cook (R)



R.I. House District 73 Votes Marvin L. Abney (D) 2637 Write-In 34


R.I. House District 75 Votes Peter F. Martin (D) 3550 Write-In 70


Question 2: Newport Grand*  Percentage Approve 66.7% Reject 33.3%


Question 8: Authorizing Casino Gaming at Newport Grand






Chmn November 08, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Don't worry. Newport Grand will not lose patrons- the same losers will continue to squander their money. I wouldn't want anyone to get a job there because they would probably get lung cancer from all the second-hand smoke.
Sean November 09, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Winthrop is a well documented Liar! By his own account!
big blue November 09, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Mayor JEAN....not Mayor harry....it's all about harry and no one else. Farley for backup
Dale Clark November 10, 2012 at 12:51 AM
NPTRESIDENT as to your coment about changing the charter if the citizens don't like it?I believe the council wrote the charter to give them the right to over ride it's citizens.Guess the people really don't count in the direction of Newport? All our Votes must count.I went up to the canvassing board Wed.and Thursday and both days O'Neil was no where to be found the two in the office said he had to go to Providence?There were around three thousand votes on a table that were still not counted they said they were Mail-in?All votes should be counted by the state election board not a select few from Newport?
Dale Clark November 13, 2012 at 04:44 AM
We can at least be thankful one of the city council member's got it right and listen to the people's choice by voting with the people to rightly handover the Mayor-ship to Jeanne-Marie Napolitano the one who received the most votes. Thank your new 1st. Ward Council member Mr.Marco Camacho for Voting with the people.


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