New Property Valuation Notices Hit the Mail on Friday

The valuation process is complete and notices should be hitting Portsmouth mailboxes next week.

Brace yourselves - real estate valuations are completed and notices will be hitting the mail on Friday.

That means the town is now preparing for the inevitable round of disputes once residents start to get their notices.

Taxpayers will be given a toll-free number to call to set informal hearings with Vision Goverment Solutions, the appraisal company. Or, appointments can be made on the Internet. Hearings will be held in Town Hall council chambers.

In an announcement, town officials said there are three reasons someone should consider appealing their new valuation.

The first is obvious: if data is incorrect. Data will be reviewed with the property owner and inspections can be scheduled after a hearing.

The second reason for an appeal is "if the individual has recently received a different opinion of value, examples being a recent appraisal, the property being listed on the market for less than the appraised value or a refinancing appraisal," the statement reads.

"If this type of documentation is to be presented, please bring a copy of the documents and not your personal copy since they will not be returned."

The last reason to dispute a valuation is if similar properties have "significantly different assessments."

After hearings, a second notice will be mailed to appellants notifying them of the results of their appeals.

Taxpayers will still have the opportunity to appeal to the local tax assessor and Tax Assessment Board of Review.


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