Mail-In Ballot Counts Expected Thursday Afternoon

The Board of Elections is still counting mail-in ballots on Thursday, after workers couldn't process the 18,000 ballots by Wednesday. Tiverton results council be skewed, while Little Compton's will likely stay about the same.


Tiverton is still awaiting totals from approximately 515 mail-in ballots before official results can be called in its Town Council, School Committee and Budget Committee races.

According to the State Board of Elections, the results of the counts from mail-in ballots across Rhode Island will not be released until Thursday afternoon. The board originally promised the numbers by close-of-business on Wednesday. About 18,000 ballots were counted and certified prior to Election Day, but state law prohibits counting until polls are opened. The sheer volume is delaying the count despite using four counting machines to process the ballots.

These 515 or so ballots could potentially skew results in Tiverton's local races. The biggest potential for upset lies within the Tiverton Budget Committee's unofficial results. A mere 18 votes separates bottom vote-getter Madeline O'Dell from opponent and seventh in total votes, Robert Hayden. There are 84 votes between Hayden and eighth place vote-getter Mark R. Larson. 

Tiverton Town Council results cite 116 votes separating Councilman-elect William P. Gerlach and eighth place vote-getter Renee DeJesus Jones. On the School Committee side there is less potential for a late lineup change, as 283 votes separate third place voter-getter Jerome Larkin and fourth place candidate Susan Anderson.

Little Compton only had 225 applications for mail-in ballots this year, the results will probably not impact the unofficial tallies below.

Check back for updates and the final results from the 2012 Tiverton and Little Compton Election once the mail-in ballots have been tallied.

Tiverton Unofficial Results:

Tiverton Town Council Candidates (7 seats)


Jay J. Lambert (Incumbent) 2,917

Denise M. DeMedeiros


Edward A. Roderick (Incumbent) 2,868 James J. Arruda 2,809 Brett Nicholas Pelletier (Incumbent) 2,706 Joan B. Chabot (Incumbent) 2,439 William P. Gerlach 2,438

Renee DeJesus-Jones


Robert D. Coulter (Incumbent)


Nancy L. Driggs 2,167 Joseph R. Sousa 2,069 Peter A. Mello 2,023 David M. Nelson (Incumbent) 2,004 Donald Bollin 1,699


Tiverton School Committee Candidates (3 seats) Votes Sally A. Black (Incumbent) 3,531 Carol J. Herrmann  (Incumbent) 2,770 Jerome M. Larkin 2,735 Susan E. Anderson 2,452 Justin D. Katz 2,324 Ruth E. Hollenbach 2,107


Tiverton Budget Committee Candidates (11 seats)  Votes  Joseph F. Bento, III 2,784 Joshua A. Mello 2,488 Laura L. Epke 2,408 David Perry 2,303 Alexander J. Cote 2,244 Madeline L. O'Dell 2,165 Robert H. Hayden 2,147 Mark R. Larsen 2,063 John J. Martin 2,017 Jeffrey J. Sroczynski 1,961 Robert B. Gaw 1,872 Mark D. Constance 1,116 Jeffrey M. Belli 696 Abel Perez 621

House Dist. 70


John G. Edwards (Incumbent) 


John A. Perkins


Little Compton Unofficial Results:

Little Compton Town Council Candidates (5 seats)  Votes Robert L. Mushen (Incumbent) 1,345 Gary S. Mataronas (Incumbent) 1,274 Paul M. Golembeske (Incumbent) 1,261 Fred M. Boddington, III (Incumbent) 1,237 Charles N. Appleton, Jr. (Incumbent) 1,203


Little Compton School Committee Candidates ( seats) Votes  Thomas C. Allder 939 Peg Bugara 827 Micah J. Shapiro (Incumbent) 783 Lynn A. Brousseau Lebreux (Incumbent) 746


Little Compton Treasurer/Tax Collector Candidates  Votes  Mary-Jane M. Harrington (Incumbent) 849 Robert H. Goff, Jr. 699 Patrick McHugh 354
Joe Sousa. November 08, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Jim we will be working to get a bus load of people to the State House for the hearing this session. If people don't step up and make the trip Tolls are going to appear next spring. STOP will be stepping it up in the next few weeks. A new group of volunteers are coming together in the next few weeks to work on this .We need bodies in those seats and plenty of them. We also need people to write letters to the editors and send them to news papers around the State.
Tom November 09, 2012 at 12:39 AM
More camo t-shirts could fix this problem.
Tom November 09, 2012 at 12:40 AM
I meant to say more camo t-shirts working together could solve this problem.
Lawton Ave. 1st November 10, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Don't worry, Joe we plan on endorsing you again. Like the true politician you are, we'll continue to let you claim you are with or against us depending on who you are talking to.


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