Council Postpones Discussion on Wastewater Ordinance

The Portsmouth Town Council met Monday, Aug. 6, at Town Hall.

The Portsmouth Town Council held a meeting Monday night. Featured here is a report of the actions taken during the meeting. 

7 p.m. — Council votes to postpone executive session due to their attorney being late for meeting. 

7:10 — Council hears from Mr. Humphrey of the Aquidneck Island Re-Use Implementing Authority, which will help work to establish the future use of . 

7:15 — Council approves the Aquidneck Island Re-Use Implementing Authority's (AIRIA) Interlocal Agreement. The council also approved the re-appointment of two members, Fred Faerber and Keith Humphreys, to AIRIA. 

7:17 — Council enters executive session. 

8:30 — Council returns from executive session. Council President Joseph Robicheau reports that no motions or votes were taken. 

8:32 — Robicheau suggests listing changes to Wastewater Management Ordinance one by one. The council will then comment or discuss them. 

8:33 — Philip Driscoll asks if there will be changes to the ordinance. "There will be revisions," Robicheau said. "Isn't it customary for changes to ordinances, that there will be a hearing," Driscoll asked. According to Driscoll, there has not been enough time since the changes have been published. 

8:35 — Robicheau says a public hearing will be scheduled for the future. The changes are also available in the town clerk's office, he said. "We do have changes we will consider tonight. The ordinance will not be changed tonight," Liz Pedro said. "...There will be no changes until we have a public hearing." 

8:37 — Keith Hamilton motions to go through the changes at the public hearing and not tonight. Council approves motion. 

8:38 — Council motions to enter executive session again to discuss the "Fairview Lane right-of-way." 


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