Council Renames Campground, Approves Hot Dog Sales at Beach

The Portsmouth Town Council held a meeting Monday night.

The Portsmouth Town Council met Monday night. Featured here is a report of the actions taken during the meeting. 

I C Cearly Now May 15, 2012 at 01:24 AM
First of all....the request from St. Philomena School is on the Agenda for tonight (at least the Agenda on line), Ms. Staven. Thank you to those who have a brain and voted to wave the fee.....it's a non-profit school for goodness sake!!! Secondly....what are you three thinking or should I say....you aren't thinking and rarely are!!!..Perhaps your just "doing" on orders from someone? 3-3 vote with regard to Ed Lopes?! This town has gone down the drain with the famous four - you know who you are- I can't wait until it's time for re-election.... just keep doing what you've been doing.....the damage has been done, I just hope the town can recover when they vote the famous four out!


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