Letter: PCC Opposes Opening of Medical Marijuana Centers

A Portsmouth resident says the PCC is against the opening of a Compassion Center or medical marijuana distribution center.

The following is a letter to the editor submitted by Kathy Melvin. The Portsmouth Concerned Citizens group voted recently to oppose pending state legislation, which would place , including one expected to open in Portsmouth. 

By an overwhelming margin, the (PCC) membership opposed the efforts of  the General Assembly to amend in Portsmouth.

These amendments are seen as an attempt by marijuana proponents in the General Assembly to assuage the concerns of the U. S. Attorney Peter Neronha and facilitate a quick .   

Reference at the meeting was made to the fact that local government had been completely overlooked in the process leading up to the placement of the center in the Portsmouth Industrial Park. The Rhode Island Department of Health would act as the control agent overseeing prescription applications and the overall facility operation.

Members supported the U.S. attorney in his efforts to insure that the U.S. federal law is adherred to. 

The bottom line is, does the placement of a marijuana compassion center in Portsmouth, whose profits depend on a growing number of purchasers of their product, enhance the quality of life in Portsmouth for citizens and students? Members of the Portsmouth Concerned Citizens do not believe it does.    

Kathy Melvin
Member, Portsmouth Concerned Citizens

Working Guy April 06, 2012 at 11:36 AM
Think about the PCC for 1 second. Look at their core group and followers... just count how many of them are sitting back collecting big fat government pensions. You will find a vast majority of them are! They have nothing better to do with their retired time so they just make for more controversy. Larry Fitzmoris for example, Isn't he collecting a nice government pension and doesn't his wife work for a school department? Hmmmmm... Kathy Melvon and the PCC is opposed to marijuana facility?. Oh yeah, we're gonna have drug dealers hanging around the door steps of the place right? Give me a break. Sometimes I think they just pull this crap just for publicity. The PCC ruined this town by dividing it's residents with the tent meeting years ago and has never recovered. Then the residents went ahead and voted in a PCC coucil. It's time that people went to the polls this year and took matters into their own hands. I am not saying vote for one particular party all I am saying is that if any of them are connected to the PCC we need to "VOTE THEM OUT"!
Distant Cousin April 06, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Oh, the irony! One of the reasons offered by the PCC for opposing medical marijuana is a need for the states to respect the supremacy of federal law. ("Members supported the U.S. attorney in his efforts to insure that the U.S. federal law is adherred to.") Who would have thought that the PCC was for a strong central government?
Doug Smith April 07, 2012 at 12:14 PM
I agree with both of you. I don't care how people vote as long as they do vote. A small, well-organized and tightly focused group can essentially take over the elections due to the apathy of everyone else, as we have seen in Portsmouth. The key is getting more people to exercise their right to vote, not as a block because someone else tells them how to vote, but as individuals who are entitled to make their own choices. It would help if they also had some understanding of the issues and the candidates for office - maybe this is where we can all help out.
Janice Gump April 08, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Janice g I agree with the comments about the PCC being a strong backward looking strong entity in our town. As a former RN I wold like to comment about the Compassion Center regarding health matters. Intractable pain is something no one wants to experience. This condition can effect any of us including the PCC members in the future. If things continue as they are, Portsmouth citizens would have to go to our teenagers to find a source of marijuana. That would be wrong on so many levels. The three compassion Centers had to go thru 2 applications by the state as it is, because the state felt the 1st application wasn't stringent enough. These applications dealt with quality, professional staff, site for area situated in state, safety for abutters and general population. Let's remember that KODAC is in a populated area in Newport and they dispense methadone with no issues. Portsmouth could provide relief to the population in this area of the state and provide tax revenue in the form of property, the nursery growers and the buyers. Lets be forward looking about our aging population and the prestige of such having such a site in our town to counter the impression that we say nay to any valuable proposals that come to our doorstep.
Werner Loell February 25, 2014 at 02:42 PM
Given the state of budgetary constraints in programming abuse prevention, there is little to take issue with the letter published in the NDN February 25th! However, drug enforcement is a shambles and we would need an integrated and comprehensive abuse prevention programs in all those products we, we the people, wish to control via health education and apply product taxes to support prevention and enforcement programs of alcohol, tobacco, prescription drug, glue, natural drug, and chemical drug products. Some products are controlled punitively and otters are not, and if we take this one step further, look at the ingredients of food products that are carcinogens, the toxins in fracked drinking water, the mercury in sea food and the list goes on. The FDA and DEA could be properly funded instead of favoring elective wars - the choices are ours to make!


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