WPRI: Black Bear Spotted in Cranston

RI DEM on the look out for black bear roaming neighborhood.

The black bear was spotted in a Cranston neighborhood on Tuesday. 

According to WPRI, The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management said the bear has been following a patch up the Pawtuxet River.  DEM says bear populations are on the rise in Southern New England.

Officials tell WPRI that there is no reason to panic because the bear isn't creating any public safety concerns. The DEM said they will continue to monitor the situation.

Suzanne Arena October 24, 2012 at 02:20 PM
My neighbor came to get my daughter to walk to school and her Dad showed me a picture he took 2 days ago on his phone of bear poop and that night he said he had a dream about them. He saw the news this morning and claimed 'I knew it!". So then we taught the kids what to do IF they see the cute bear. The end of road off Aqueduct is conservation and parts are thickly grown. We demonstrated to the kids of how to scare the bear, while they were happy to hear about the yelling as loud as you can....I wonder if they will resort to their gut reaction and RUN as they kept saying WHY can't you. Sigh - LOL!


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