Teen Caught Possessing Alcohol — Again

Teen's mother says police are to blame for alcohol and drug use among teens because they "give them nothing to do."

A local teenager and Portsmouth High School Student was charged with underage possession of alcohol on Saturday afternoon after a car he was riding in was stopped on East Main Road and police found seven cans of Natural Light beer in plain view.

Police said the teen had recently been in trouble with police for an alcohol-related offense just recently and when they spoke with the boy's mother, they reportedly were told that it was the fault of the police and the town for not giving local youths enough to do.

According to a police report, the teen was in a car that was stopped at around 3:49 p.m. when it was observed driving through a yellow light. The officer on patrol noted the vehicle did not slow down at all and it appeared seven passengers were inside the five-passenger vehicle, including two in the rear cargo area who were not wearing seat belts.

Once stopped, police said the teen said he was coming home from the Newport St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Police smelled alcohol in the car and soon located the beer as well as an Altoids mint canister in the glove box that contained a small amount of marijuana and a marijuana pipe.

The teen reportedly told police that he gave a man in Newport $50 to buy him and his friends the alcohol.

The teen was with several other high school students, all but one having recent run-ins with police, according to a police report. All the teens over 18 were allowed to leave; the others released to their parents.

Police said all the parents were appreciative except one, who said she "knew her son did nothing wrong" and blamed the other boys for the circumstances. 

The mother reportedly lamented the fact that was stopped "so close to home" and said "Portsmouth Police are to blame for the problem in town" because "you give them nothing to do."

Police said they ended the conversation with the mother when it became unproductive and cited the teen for underage possession of alcohol.

Police are investigating.

Updated: This story has been updated to correct an inaccuracy and to add more details from the police report.
Mags March 26, 2014 at 02:57 PM
Ok, why exactly is it the polices fault kids are being idiots and breaking the law. They have a lot to do, and that mother should thank the police for stopping her son before he got killed.
Charlotte Akin March 26, 2014 at 07:56 PM
First off, stating that this kid has a "alcohol problem" is a completely outlandish statement. Do not be naïve, teenagers drink alcohol. They always have and they always will. Next, assuming that "other 99% of Portsmouth teens find activities to do that don't include underage drinking and drug use" is HORRIBLY outrageous. A) I would like to know where that statistic was drawn up B) The fact that kids who do sports or extra-curricular activities and drink alcohol or "do drugs" are not mutually exclusive. If anything, these two groups have more in common than a parent might think. Obviously, yes, this is not the "town's fault" that this incident happened, and yes, it is immature to assume so. But, what everyone has to realize is that this could be anyone's kid. This is not a parenting problem, this is a NORMAL TEENAGER PROBLEM.
Portsmouth Resident March 26, 2014 at 11:58 PM
Sounds like Mom's on welfare with an alcohol/drug problem of her own.
L Portsmouth March 27, 2014 at 09:29 AM
Charlotte it is a problem when a teenager gets behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs, maybe you do not realize that because I am pretty sure you are still young and in high school yourself. Clearly there needs to be more guidance with the parents for this boy if he has now been caught twice for alcohol related offenses. While it is understandable and many know that teens will experiment with drinking, it should be the parent's job to make sure they know the dangers of what alcohol can do. This is not a normal teenage problem by any means, and maybe you are just trying to defend students/teenagers because they are your peers; but you saying this is NORMAL means many more kids will drink and drive because they are teenagers. Parents are crucial in teaching their kids lessons, and setting them in the right direction. You would think this kid would not have even been allowed to go to the parade after being caught by the police with alcohol before. Shame on him for making the same mistake twice, and shame on the parent/s for allowing him to make the same mistake twice.
Charlotte Akin March 27, 2014 at 07:01 PM
No where in this article does it say that this kid was under the influence while driving. This article completely sensationalizes this event. I understand fully the consequences of operating a vehicle while being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and obviously so did this kid because he was not under the influence. I am not condoning drinking and driving at any juncture, no matter what age. I did not say that drinking and driving is at all okay because the people involved are teenagers. I simply said that a lot of teenagers drink alcohol, and some people are oblivious to this. This event is being blown completely out of proportion and the extraneous details included in the article adds to the biased reporting.


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