Police Log: Man Allegedly Attacked With Pliers; Driver Pulls Stolen Trailer

The following arrest information was supplied by the Portsmouth Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

made the following arrests this weekend. 

Two arrested after dispute over lights, alcohol 

Two people were arrested Sunday after the victim apparently tried to turn off lights and save on electricity costs. 

Police were called to a North Drive home at 12:15 a.m. for a report of a domestic disturbance. Darlene Bateman, 43, of North Drive, and Wilfred Charette, 26, of Newport, were reportedly drinking at the residence. A 24-year-old Portsmouth man arrived at the house and apparently began turning off lights to save money, police said. 

Charette and the victim apparently got into an argument and began wrestling, according to police. During the argument, Charette allegedly grabbed a pair of pliers and attempted to "go after" the man, police said. 

Charette then left the residence. Not long after, the victim began pouring alcohol down the drain and sink. Bateman allegedly began to argue and tried to prevent him from continuing. During the argument, Bateman allegedly caused a 10-inch long scratch on the victim's chest. She was arrested and charged with domestic, simple assault. 

Charette was later arrested by Newport police and turned over to Portsmouth authorities. He was also charged with domestic, simple assault. 

Newport man caught allegedly stealing boat trailer

One Newport man's attempt to take a boat trailer for a "test drive" landed him in hot water this weekend. 

Thomas Motley, 52, of Newport, was arrested Saturday evening after police were called to . A 65-year-old Massachusetts man saw his recently-purchased boat trailer traveling through the boatyard's parking lot around 4:30 p.m. — attached to a vehicle and hauling a boat that wasn't his. 

The man flagged down the driver, who stopped the vehicle. The driver, identified as Motley, later told police he saw "for sale" writing on the trailer. He wanted to see if the trailer fit his vehicle and would carry his boat, Motley told police. 

After further questioning, Motley was arrested at the scene and charged with larceny under $500. 

Portsmouth man arrested for alleged assault 

Nicholas Dugan, 20, of 52 Pine St., was arrested May 17 in connection with an argument two days earlier. 

Police were called to the Pine Street home for an apparent domestic disturbance. Dugan apparently became involved in an argument with a 23-year-old Portsmouth man. During the argument, Dugan allegedly placed his hands around the victim's neck. 

Officers obtained an affidavit arrest warrant for Dugan, who turned himself in at the police station Thursday. He was charged with domestic, simple assault. 

Portsmouth woman allegedly strikes man in face

Nicole Bessette, 30, of 106 Wilkey Ave., was arrested on May 18, after an apparent argument at the home.

Police were called for a report of a disturbance at the house. Bessette apparently became involved in an argument with a 60-year-old Portsmouth man around 12:08 a.m. During the argument, Bessette allegedly struck the man in the face with her hands, which resulted in a cut on the victim's lip, police said. 

Bessette left the house before officers arrived. They found her an hour later after area residents complained about a woman screaming in a nearby wooded area. 

She was arrested and charged with domestic, simple assault. 

Portsmouth woman charged with stealing medicine

Marcia Walsh, 54, of Middle Road, was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing 30 prescription pills. 

Police received a complaint from a 63-year-old Portsmouth man, who expected a delivery of medicine at his home. Walsh reportedly was staying at the home to accept the delivery. 

When the man returned and was received the mail delivery from Walsh, he noticed 30 pills were missing, he told police. 

Walsh was called in for questioning and later admitted taking the pills, police said. She was charged with larceny under $500. She was later released with a court summons. 

Portsmouth woman arrested after alleged assault 

Paula Moffa, 51, of Birchwood Drive, was arrested Saturday at 11 p.m. after police were called to her home for an apparent domestic disturbance. 

Moffa apparently became involved in an argument with a 50-year-old Portsmouth man. During the argument, she allegedly kicked and pushed the man. No injuries were reported. 

Moffa was arrested and charged with domestic, simple assault. She was held overnight at the police station and later arraigned before a justice of the peace. 

Portsmouth woman allegedly scratches man's neck

Shcquaaya Melton, 23, of 285 Worden St., was arrested Sunday and charged with domestic, simple assault. 

Melton apparently became involved in an argument with a 22-year-old Portsmouth man at the home. During the argument, she allegedly grabbed the man by the neck and scratched him several times. 

She was arrested and held overnight at the police station. 

Tiverton man arrested for allegedly driving under the influence

John Toner, 32, of Tiverton, was arrested early Monday after a vehicle stop on Park Avenue near Gormley Avenue. The vehicle was allegedly stopped for speeding at 1:30 a.m. 

Police detected an aroma of alcohol coming from the vehicle. 

Toner reportedly failed a field sobriety test and, after being transported to the police station, allegedly refused a chemical test. 

He was charged with driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a chemical test. 


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