Police Arrest B&E Suspect Caught in the Act, Chased off by Startled Homeowner

The Dartmouth, Mass.-man allegedly was chased off by the homeowner after trying to break into a Bristol Ferry Road house earlier this month.

A man who was caught in the act while trying to break into a Bristol Ferry Road house by a started homeowner has been arrested.

Police said Russell J. DeMello, 52, of 7 College Lane, Dartmouth, Mass., was arrested April 27 after Middletown Police picked him up on a warrant issued after an investigation by Portsmouth Police identified him as the B&E Suspect.

The incident occurred on April 18. Police said they were dispatched to the house where a homeowner said he was in his living room when he heard bangs. He then saw a man, later identified as DeMello, kicking the door, causing it to splinter and some of the panes to break.

DeMello then reportedly entered the house and the homeowner shouted at him to leave, eventually chasing him out as DeMello was “growling at him,” according to a police report.

The homeowner watched DeMello get into a red Dodge Durango that was occupied by two other people before leaving the scene.

Police tracked DeMello using the license plate number from the truck. His identity was confirmed using a photo lineup.

Police got a warrant for DeMello’s arrest on April 22. He was turned over to Portsmouth Police by Middletown Police on April 27.

DeMello is being held at the Adult Correctional Institutions in Cranston as a probation violator.
ralph April 30, 2014 at 08:13 AM
Too bad he didn't leave in a body bag. It would have saved the taxpayers a boat load of dough.
Don Redford April 30, 2014 at 08:58 AM
That's very insensitive to call him stupid. He was only trying to steal all of the valuable items this family cherished. What is remotely wrong with that, Steve A??????!
Jean Boudreau May 09, 2014 at 08:20 PM
This person is a career drug addict. He just got out of jail in August. He robbed my house got out on bail robbed another person in Middletown RI of 4,000 of jewelry got out on bail violated probation 3 weeks ago got out on bail. While out on bail here he goes again and robs someone else. I know who was in the car with him and will notify the police He also robbed a business. When are the judges going to stop letting these druggies who have committed crimes for 31 years to keep going free
Jean Boudreau May 09, 2014 at 08:23 PM
He lives at 192 Bristol avenue IN PAWTUCKET with another felon and his wife who works for the school dept as a school psychologist. He goes out with a lori RaposaSHE WAS LIVING AT 120 INGELL aVENUE IN tAUNTON BUT HAS MOVED TO fALL RIVER who I am sure was with him at the robbery as she was with him at the one in Tiverton and I am sure his brother WAS ALSO WITH HIM


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