Navy Yard Gunman Had Interactions with Newport Police Last Month

Newport police had interactions with Aaron Alexis, the gunman who killed 12 people at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C, before being shot and killed.

Written by Olga Enger

Aaron Alexis, the gunman who killed 12 people at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C, before being shot and killed, was in Newport and Middletown in August, according to sources close to the investigation. He reportedly had an interaction with the Newport Police Department at that time.  

Sources said when police responded, he was demonstrating paranoid thoughts, claimed he was being followed and thought he "had a chip in his head." 

The police reports were reportedly provided to the Navy Police. Sources say he stayed at hotels in Newport as well as Middletown during his stay.  

Alexis, 34, joined the Navy as a reservist in 2007 and he was detached from service for a series of misconduct issues, a Navy official said.

Alexis worked for Hewlett-Packard as an IT subcontractor for the Navy, according to ABC. The incident remains under investigation.
Jack Baillargeron September 17, 2013 at 09:40 PM
What a sad lack of due diligence on the part of those involved in checking these people out. How does a guy with the backround he had get security clearences to work on a military installation? even when Newport did the right thing in reporting it to the NAVY, he still has his pass to get on the base in DC. Unbelievable.
Pat Silvia September 18, 2013 at 04:32 PM
As a former employee of NUWC, I know first-hand how a secured facility operates: decal, photo badge, car inspections very frequently. This shocks me. Our background checks were extensive. No one with his record should ever have been cleared. My thoughts and prayers with those we've lost.
ralph September 19, 2013 at 09:40 AM
@Pat Silvia- as someone who also worked at the NUWC facitlity, I can tell you that it would be possible to get a weapon like a shotgun through security. Vehicle checks are done at random and not every vehicle is checked. They will validate that you have a sticker and a valid Gov issued ID, but no inspection takes place unless they are doing say every tenth car and your vehicle happens to be number ten. That is how this shooter was able to get the weapon onto the Naval installation. The background checks are a whole other topic. Obviously, red flags were raised, but never followed up. That will have to be re-explored. What I think is if this guy had of not been able to get onto that Naval facility, he would have chose another target such as a mall or theatre. His intent was to kill, simply put.


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