American Bulldog Kills Portsmouth Dog in Attack

The following is based on reports from the Portsmouth Police Department.

A small Lhasa Apso dog was killed Sunday night while being walked on Fox Run Road, according to Portsmouth police. 

Officers and the animal control officer were called to Fox Run Road at 9:30 p.m. for a report of a dog incident. 

A 22-lbs. Lhasa Apso, being walked by a 73-year-old Portsmouth woman, was allegedly attacked by an American bulldog, police said. 

"The dog got loose and somehow escaped from home," said Lt. Brian Peters. 

The bulldog allegedly attacked the Lhasa Apso, grabbing it by the neck and face. The bulldog then began shaking the 22-lb. dog in the process. The Lhasa Apso was killed during the attack. 

The bulldog, owned by 53-year-old Theresa Young of 5 Fox Run Road, is now quarantined at the Robert Potter League for Animals in Middletown while the incident remains under investigation. 

John ("Anything But Sue") April 03, 2013 at 11:30 PM
McGee must have her hands full moderating ALL these posts on this forum.. Every time I post ..It's "Pending Approval."
Puppy doctor April 04, 2013 at 01:14 AM
As a veterinarian in the area, couple of facts people on hear should know. No. 1- it is absolutely untrue that if a dog fights once he will always- fiction! No. 2 - as Strven said we are talking of two wild animals in the dark. No. 3 - this accused dog did not go after the owner of the dog that was attacked, could be proof thatvit assumed the small dog was a small animal. Many people on here keep talking of breeds. The facts are the accused is a "mutt" - "a mongrel". Any and all breed dog has the instinct to go after "something" if it is startled or provoked. It's natural instinct. I feel for all parties involved.
craig April 05, 2013 at 12:15 PM
this is nuts all this talk i have two american bulldogs male and female. The are playfull loveable doggies. they are going well behaved dogs.I keep them safe they keep me safe.Any loose dog is a factor iv been walking on leash and little dogs come up and cause problems its also how u respond with ur dog that can defuse the problem.I fell sorry for the lady its not her fault she was in the right.she had her dog leashed. iv had my neighbor dog jump on my girlfriend when she had puppy in her hands trying to get away from this dog coming at her.it was a sheaperd big one .just saying any dog big or small should be on leash ...no matter what unless its in a protected fenced in yard..your reasponsible for ur pet....some dogs just dont have the right training people need to be trained to there dangerous to...sorry lady for ur loss.this owner needs a trainer......
SIP April 06, 2013 at 04:46 PM
The problem is that ANY dog that isn't well trained or properly socialized has the potential to bite. The responsibility lies with the owner.
Cameron Morris June 27, 2013 at 02:24 PM
This might be a little late to chime in. But, I have an American Bulldog (Moses) and he is a big baby, loves dogs, even loves cats ( Dont even have a cat), loves EVERY person he meets and adores children and instinctually is more gentle with kids. In my experience it is the people with small dogs that do not train or discipline them (too cute, too small etc) and these dogs are VERY aggressive, bitey, and yippy. They sometimes try to attack Moses, and tell me to get my dog away from theirs. He barely even responds to these small dogs, but somehow it will be his fault when one of the small dogs pinches a nerve or is too crazy with him and he decides that's enough. He doesn't want to hurt anybody, but like all animals he will protect himself. And just because he is better able to protect himself than a Chihuahua, does not mean he is vicious. If a man weight 130lbs attacks a professional boxer weighing 220lbs, is it the boxer's fault that he beat the aggressor up?


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