Obituaries: Joslyn, Sullivan, Tierno, Gilmore, Taylor, Jacome, Barker, Rodrigues

This is a listing of current obituaries, as reported by local funeral homes. Please link to the funeral home for more information.

Malcolm H. Joslyn, 75, of Middletown died March 30.

Robert David Sullivan, 83, of Middletown of March 30.

Henry J. Tierno, Jr., 86, of Middletown died April 3.

C. Henry Gilmore, 75, of Middletown died April 3.

Christopher Anselm Taylor, 59, of Portsmouth died April 4.

Alfred Jesse Jacome, 80, of Newport died April 4.

Robert Barker, 49, of Newport died April 5.

Irene M. Rodrigues, 85, of Middletown died April 8.


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