To Chick or, Not to Chick

How about kool-aid with that dry chicken sandwich.

I can see a sound tar and feathering is in my immediate future.

When an idiot gets too much attention for his idiocy, he becomes famous, he then believes himself a genius.

I’ve got several friends that are openly gay. They have been the entire time I’ve known them. All are in long term monogamous relationships. Their being gay has no effect on our friendship and never will nor has it had any effect on my eating dry chicken sandwiches. Simply put, I like my friends and don’t like dry chicken. What they do is between them and God, in fact, what any of us do is between us and God, not between us and those who think they speak for God from their small minds.

All this controversy over a dry chicken sandwich seems a little stupid to me. I don’t care much for chicken and care less for a restaurant that decided that I can have chicken or chicken or of course if I don’t like chicken, I can always have chicken. Eat more what? What’s more, not being open on Sundays is a little outdated and will have little to do with who gets into the kingdom. Maybe someone wants a dry chicken sandwich after church. Am I wrong or do Christians eat on Sundays?

 In fact, all over the country many church members have one thing in common. After church, they gather to have dinner and talk about their church experience as well as everybody else in the church. Oh sorry, was that a secret? What would all those people do if every restaurant made this highly significant social decision for them? If you own a store and you don’t sell diet Coke, then you don’t care enough to have my business. If you own a restaurant and sell only one thing, like hot dogs or dry chicken sandwiches, you don’t need my business, you already have enough, and besides I can buy a dry chicken sandwich on every corner.

We Christians are no different than everyone else; we are influenced by the idiocy of others. If you need proof, look at the last two decades of presidential campaigns. As further proof look at a preacher who rose to fame in the fifties, he preached small minded messages against every atrocity to include homosexuals, abortions and pretty much anything anyone enjoys. He spent two decades on the pulpit condemning everyone and everything, spewing hate as he thumped the bible.

While sex between unmarried members of his church was forbidden, he was having sex with multiple women and men among his congregation and fathered many children inside the church. He was also arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover male police officer in Los Angeles. Finally, he convinced 909 people to kill each other or themselves. This person was Jim Jones.

I will never understand this kind of blind idiocy, but it continues on smaller scales throughout our country. I ain’t drinking Kool Aid, and no one is telling me what I can or can’t eat on Sunday or who I can or can’t love or marry. 

Most people operate from a place of fear. They have the strongest reactions about subjects they don’t understand or are scared of. In fact, most don’t understand that their fears and opinions come from their parent’s lack of understanding or fears. Most people get their small mindedness from the people who they grew up with or those who continue to influence them.  You can see their eyes glaze over as they spout bull that has been spoon fed to them. What they say has nothing to do with their own thoughts or opinions. They misquote facts and use wrong words in an attempt to sound informed and intelligent. Then they go to the polls and vote for someone for something as stupid as, does he eat dry chicken sandwiches.

I don’t eat dry chicken sandwiches, and I don’t drink Kool Aid given with quotes from preachers, philosophers or politicians.

I wonder if the people who own this company, ever eat out on Sundays. What do they believe about those who must work on Sundays, to feed their children? I’m just askin. I wonder if they’ve ever heard the verse, It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24). I’m just sayin!

How about let’s wait and let God decide who gets in and who don’t. How about we give him a little credit and believe he is compassionate and does not make such decisions based on the prejudices of man. It’s what I’ve always chose to believe, and when I arrive at my eventual resting place, I’ll drink any Kool Aid he offers.

God gave man free will, why cannot man leave it at that?



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