Portsmouth Voters

Why the Republican majority should be re-elected.

 In this term the Republican Town Council, has overcome serious challenges, implemented changes and addressed long overlooked problems, including:

  • Stopped habitual overspending of Department budgets
  • Reduced tax increases by 60%
  • Increased Town savings by 100% to ~  $4.8 Million
  • Fighting sewers demanded by DEM
  • Initiated removal of bankruptcy threat of $32M pension debt
  • Hired highly regarded new Town Administrator
  • Established 5-year Plan and annual budgeting for  infrastructure projects
  • Committed to preserve the Glen for future generations
  • Initiated annual road maintenance in operating budget

Our work is unfinished.  When re-elected, we will continue to reduce spending, control growth of taxes, and improve quality of government and quality of life for all Portsmouth citizens. 

I ask you to support us on November 6

WE can WIN – only if…


Joseph W. Robicheau


Portsmouth Town Council


Don’t Blame Us. 

04/06 Democrat Councils

Sold Voters then bought

Untested Turbine

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getreal November 06, 2012 at 11:01 AM
The real Bill Carson come out of his cocoon. Tea Party Bill/PCC want a be. You have obtained the level of GRAND MISINFORMATION!
Jasmine November 06, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Anybody else tired of this partisan non-sense? On a local level, political parties don't mean a whole lot. It's time for non-partisan local elections like Newport has had for years.
Bill Carson November 06, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Democrats say the first priority should be getting the turbine running again. The cost to repair the turbine including three blades is near one million. Over three years the turbine made 400 thousand and lost a million to repairs a net loss of 600 thousand ! Vote for a Democrat ? A recent poll said 45 % of those polled said "Dismantle the turbine and pay off the $2 million bond debt" The NDN held a question and answer session where all the Democrats said repair the turbine .They still don't get you need to hire someone full time to run the turbine and the maintenance costs more than it makes ! It's tough to admit you made a mistake and rather than admit making a mistake you've got individuals that just get up and resign from their jobs !
old timer November 06, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Unbelievable! How do you reduce an increase when you decide what the increase is in the first place. So they propose a high tax rate hike at the start of budget process and then settle on a lower one ? That's an accomplishment? Stopped overspending department budgets? The legal expenses are about 300% of what is budgeted, how about being "transparent" about that? They increased savings by 4.8 milliion? No, Carnegie paid their taxes of 2.1 million, the School department gave them 1 million and they stuck to the plan devised by the previous council to add the other 1 million. And then they chased out the School Finance Director who managed to bring them their surplus. Avoided bankruptcy? The only bankruptcy threat was in Mr. Robicheau's mind. He is LITERALLY the only person in the world who considered it a realistic risk. Hired a new town administrator, yes which is something you have to do after forcing out the previous one for partisan political reasons and the new TA comes at a considerably higher salary to the town. And to top it off he writes a letter to the Newport Daily News stating they are wrong, he is not "blaming" anyone for turbine problems and then takes time and space to explicitly blame a council elected 8 years ago for the problem. I really hope this is the last we have to hear from Mr. Robicheau and his friends. Their "transparency" has been a joke, and the hypocrisy and blatant, constant misinformation fed to the people is insulting.
getreal November 06, 2012 at 10:43 PM
KLIMM does what ever Larry Fitzmorris tells him to say. Lets see how this guy acts after the elections....


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