Sold! 7 Portsmouth Homes in 1 Week

Check out what Portsmouth homes have sold this week and for how much.

Want to know what homes sold in and around Portsmouth? Here's the list!

Check out the photos above and the chart below to find out what  homes sold in your neighborhood and the sale price.

Date Address Seller Buyer Sale Price

Sept. 12 85 Clearview Ave. Michael W. Palkovic Philomon Hadley and Arlene F. Lynch $209,900 Sept. 13 0 Highland Ave.  Jill E. Sugarman Cordeiro's Construction Inc. $65,000 Sept. 17. 0 Union St.  Carol H. Young Green Hill Builders LLC $91,000 Sept. 17 0 Fairview Lane Stephen Serzan Seascape Holdings LLC $120,000 Sept. 17 33 Pages Way Richard G. Bryan and Stephaine Cibeu David. A. O'Brien and Beverly Mello $318,000 Sept. 18 864 Anthony Road Robert and Alice Swallow Gordon S. Jr. and Lucille L. Sinclair $70,000 Sept. 18 0 Old Mill Lane John C. and Ann R. Finnegan  Kenko Builders Inc.  $145,000


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