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Good Morning,

Did you know that the first ever lacrosse game in Bagdad Iraq took place in 2010 and was Sponsored by Beach Dogs Lacrosse and Bagadowe.

The story is below with some photos. It is rumored that the Ambassador played. Dubbed the Bagadowe Games, it was a true medicine game to help our solderers get their mind of more stressful issues and play Americas First Game - a game of lacrosse.

I was personally given the US flag that was flown that day over camp Victory  that day.

On Monday November 12th - that flag will fly at the Glen in Portsmouth starting at 2pm for a pick up lacrosse game.

All are welcome to come and play....

While the weather will not be 100 degrees as with the Iraqi games, it is supposed to be nice...


Beach Dogs Lacrosse in Baghdad

The U.S. Camp Victory Military Team, Victory's Hammers faced off against the U.S. Embassy Iraq Lacrosse Team, the Baghdad Rhinos  In a two game series known as the 1st Annual Baga'Dowe Battle of Baghdad.  Both games were held in heat over 100 degrees in the sand of Baghdad.  The Hammers defeated the Rhinos in the first game hosted at the US embassy and the Rhinos were able to tie the Hammers in the final minutes of the second game, allowing the Hammers to be named the series winners.


  The bottom-line is that this was a great break for U.S. Diplomats, Government Civilians, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines from the stress of a combat environment and their daily requirements.  Lacrosse players from across the U.S. were able to find each other 7,000 miles away from home, bring the game to some folks who had never played before (more than half the military team had never picked up a stick before) and expand the culture of America's first game to a new ally (a few Iraqis watched).


  This entire event would not have been possible without U.S. Lacrosse, who provided the series signs; Laxcity/BAGA'DOWE Sports, Maverick Lacrosse and Beachdogs Lacrosse Club, all of Rhode Island,  who provided the goalie equipment, Uniforms and complete sticks (Maverik Shafts and Heads) for the entire military team; Gambrills Odenton Recreactional Council (GORC) with Old Mill High School, South River High School, and Rockfish Lacrosse Club, all of Maryland, who provided helmets for the entire military team; and Laxworld of Annapolis who provided both goals for the Camp Victory field.


  This is truly a great representation of the loyalty and patriotism of the lacrosse community.  All the great Americans who made this possible illustrate the best our sport has to offer.


I know that is probably more information than you required for the photo submission, but I would have been remiss if I had not mentioned how these photos came to be.  The captions:


Photo 1 (286):  Members of both the Hammers and the Rhinos pose with the series banner after the final game.  A dirty, hard fought game, played on a sand field (full) on Camp Victory Iraq.  The former U.S Ambassador to Iraq, AMB Christopher Hill is pictured with fellow diplomats, civilians, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.


Photo 2 (153):  A member of Victory's Hammers drives towards the Baghdad Rhino's goal during the second game held on the sand field on Camp Victory, Iraq.


Photo 3 (197):  MAJ J.C Glick, team co-captain of the U.S. Military Team, Victory's Hammers,  checks U.S. Embassy team co-captain AMB Christopher Hill (legally?) during the first game at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.



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