Blizzard May Shut Down Bridges

RITBA monitoring weather to determine if the Newport Pell and Mount Hope Bridges should be temporarily closed

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) warns motorists of the possibility of emergency closures of the Newport Pell and Mount Hope bridges Friday and Saturday due to potentially high winds created by the snowstorm.

“Safety is always our highest priority,” said David Darlington, chairman of the RITBA board of directors. “If at any time we believe public safety is at risk, or if the bridges are at risk, we will close them to vehicular traffic and alert the public via the news media and our website.” 

Darlington explained that the RITBA doesn’t prematurely shut down either of its bridges in advance of a storm. The bridges are a vital link to residents of Aquidneck Island. 

The staff constantly monitors the wind conditions and the wind direction.  If conditions because unsafe, RITBA will shut down the bridges and will reopen them when the conditions improve. 

Members of the public can call RITBA 24 hours/day at 401-423-0803 to ask the staff if the bridges are open at that moment.


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