Delight In Each Moment

Appreciation is one of the best kept secrets for creating more joy in your life, improving your relationships, and attracting new ideal experiences into your life.

As I was recently eating a roast beef spinach wrap from Joe’s Meat Shoppe on Route 111 in North Hampton, I was suddenly seized with such appreciation for what I was eating. 

I savored each bite, noticing the tastes that were consuming my mouth. For some reason, the roast beef seemed even tastier than usual. Granted, I was very hungry, yet I don't think that was it.

I have been actively setting an intention to be present and focused in all that I do.  My body has been releasing long-held memories that no longer serve me, and as I surrender and let go at my deepest unconscious level, it is making room for me to be show up more consciously, and I am noticing that I enjoy each moment as if it is a new experience - with wonder, joy, and appreciation. 

I see beauty in ways I have not noticed before.

Another sensory experience recently was the warmth of the fire in my office. I switched my office to a room in our house which I had envisioned being my office when we bought the house two years ago.

Hold those visions, folks, breathe life into them, put attention on them, and then let go of the tension until it is seamless and right. So as I was enjoying this space, not only was I filled with gratitude for finally seeing this piece of the puzzle come into place, I felt even more appreciation for being able to build a fire in the large fireplace, listen to the crackling sound, smell the sweet smoky scent, and be wrapped up in comfort.

I also appreciated that the new setup allowed for my son and I to sit side by side at my desk comfortably as we tackled his homework. I reclined and rocked in a favorite chair as I was guided through a meditation by one of my support team. 

Last week I sat on the floor as a mom and her two children enjoyed a session where they learned their top passion and tapped with Tappy Bear as they told Tappy how much they missed their dad who is in Afghanistan.  

Many pictures were drawn on the chalkboard, pictures were colored, puzzles were assembled, and my heart jumped when the young boy spelled out, "tappee bear is fun" with letters from Bannangram.

Why am I sharing all these pleasant experiences with you? Because each moment that I sit in appreciation fills my mind, body and consciousness with joy. It raises my vibration so that what I am sending out to the universe and to my highest power is letting them know to send more my way. 

I would much rather be receiving more joyful experiences in my life, and as I notice, feel, allow, and appreciate — I fill with peace and presence. I remind myself and I invite you to take time to be present in your life, in all that you do whether alone or with others. 

It is one of the greatest gifts you can share. As you pay more attention to and savor moments, you will notice that you are experiencing peace and love more regularly.

Take a deep breath in..... hold it.........and release it slowly.  AAAAH - now doesn't that feel wonderful?

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Chris November 02, 2011 at 03:37 PM
Cheri, I was mindlessly eating hummus and tabouleh as I read the news on Patch. Then I saw your blog and instantly I slowed down and thoroughly (and mindfully) enjoyed the rest of my lunch. Thanks for the reminder! Chris McCarthy
Cheri Valentine November 17, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Hi Chris, Thanks for your feedback! I am glad that it helped you enjoy your moment and your meal :-) I am constantly having to remind myself of my very own advice! Smiles, Cheri


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