Sold! 9 Portsmouth Homes In One Week

Check out what Portsmouth homes have sold this week and for how much.

Want to know what homes sold in and around Portsmouth? Here's the list!

Check out the photos above and the chart below to find out what  homes sold in your neighborhood and the sale price.

Date Address Seller Buyer Sale Price

May 29 191 Sea Meadow Drive Paul J. Jr. and Maxine M. Gallagher Derek M. Ross and Sara J. Schlieff $580,000 May 29 34 South Drive (mobile home) Savers Bank Jeffrey Rego and Lisa Rowley $52,500 May 29 94 Fieldstone Drive Lemoyne Benson Michael G. and Melinda Weldon $493,000 June 1 23 Leland Point Drive Greenwich Bay Development Group II, LLC Romas J. and Andrea M. Zimlicki $284,000 June 1 549 Wapping Road Hawthorn Investments LLC John A. Murphy  $374,000 June 1 0 Knight Ave., Hog Island June M. Jones June E. and Michael J. VanLinter $100,000 June 1 96 Adams Drive George and Nancy Brown Gloria Alberti  $800,000 June 1 Sandy Point Farm Road Philip J. Harkins Geraldine Baldwin, Judith Kalfon and Marcia Kirkpatrick $343,234 June 1 0820 Narragansett Ave., Prudence Island Robert B., John M., Scott A., Richard A. and Charles J. Kenerson; Christine Matson; Kathleen Jorgensen; and Karen Lynch Steven L. and Nicole McDonald $235,000


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