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Small business owner Linda Fuller offers tips for expanding your services.

There are many small businesses in Portsmouth. Some of them may be places you and your family frequent, businesses that have been in Portsmouth for as long as you can remember. And some may be your go-to places instead of national chains.

Small business owner Linda Fuller is no stranger to starting a business from the ground up. In her recent interview with Patch Partners, a website connecting business owners to Patch in local communities, she offers insight into how she expanded her business’s services from just flowers to wine, beer and gourmet gift baskets at Lake Anne Florist in .

Homework must be done first, she said.

“Research what’s compatible with your own products and services, what the current trends are and what your competition is doing.”

Portsmouth small businesses are looking at new services to expand their business. For example, Custom House Coffee in Portsmouth will soon serve alcoholic coffee drinks, offering a new service to its customers. 

Fuller also notes, “Have three times the money you think you need and access to more. Make a business plan for one, three and five years, with goals. Most businesses fail because they’re undercapitalized. Prepare for three years of working like a dog.”

She said it's also important to use your resources and spread the word about your business.

“Get help and advice, whenever and wherever you can. Every business has a trade organization and those organizations usually have wealth of information available. Finally, advertise, advertise, advertise. Don’t see it as an expense. See as an investment.”

Another way to support locally owned small businesses is to participate in Amex’s Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24. Last year, more than 100 million people participated in this day dedicated to supporting small businesses.

There are more articles and interviews about small businesses on the Patch Partners website, where you can also sign up for the Patch Partners newsletter and Patch Partners Twitter feed to stay better informed, grow your small business and strengthen your community.

TELL US: If you are a small business owner, did you find this information useful? Have you been able to expand your business based on these tips?


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