Early 4th of July Fireworks Light Up Portsmouth Sky

A surprise fireworks display brightened Portsmouth's western skies Sunday night.

Did you see the impressive and magnificient Fourth of July fireworks display near Sunday night? 

While some "ooh" and "ahhed" (a few residents said "go home"), it was difficult not to watch and enjoy the brilliant lights exploding on the western side of the island. 

Featured above are some quick shots of the fireworks display, but we want to see your photos, too! 

Add your photos of this fireworks display (or others) to the gallery above just by clicking the green "upload photos and video" button.

Tell us what you thought of Carnegie's fireworks in the comment section below! 

Robert E July 02, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Yah when they pay them.
Zoro July 03, 2012 at 02:05 AM
Getreal, get real. You can drive up to the boat ramp and launch your boat for free. You have access to the water. Quit Making up stories. Remember when the bottom of Willow lane was an industrial wasteland? Wow, what a gift to give to your kids. Carnegie's total development pays close to 10% of the tax base in Portsmouth and also employees many residents. This is a positive impact to all property tax bills and to the households that get employment. How is it harming you and your children. By the way, providence just gave up several rights of way to Brown University in exchange for in lieu tax payments. So, yes in exchange for significant revenue it s Ok to give up public ways. However, that did not even happen here.
getreal July 03, 2012 at 08:56 AM
No Trespassing signs in front of marina and parking area , must check in with Marina Attendant and can not use the parking lot that was originally used for trailer parking ( now several hundred yards up the road) . All of this was done to make use of the right of way less atractive to the public and just a tad bit deceitful . These changes started after Carnegie went to the council to stop all but town residents from using the ramp. Now Carnegie refuses to take down the signs as asked by the town as we still see today. How can Carnegie go into some type of CRMC change with no town involvement or notification ? I do appreciate that Carnegie pays taxes (sometimes late) and after complaining that they should pay less but, so do I and (on time) I think the average tax payer has just as much rights as you think you do. I think the writing is on the wall on how Carnegie wants to change the land, beach and road as (PRIVATE PROPERTY) if left unchallenged.
Zoro July 03, 2012 at 11:12 AM
Get real. Interesting, you fail the acknowledge that the bottom of Willow was an industrial wasteland before Carnegie spent millions to clean it up. What were you doing down there beforehand? Were you having picnics soaking up the PCB's. The parking lot is a few hundred feet away, it's the same lot that boat owners use and have to park in. Get your facts straight on the taxes as well. Carnegie has created many private homes that are now owned by private citizens who pay hefty tax bills. The clubhouse pays it's taxes on time and also generates big meals and lodging taxes for the state and town to share. Sure, the developer did not pay the taxes on time for the tower project. As I understand it they were disputing the value assigned by the tax assessor, which was worked out and then the $2million tax bill was paid. Thank you Carnegie, thank you Oneil properties , thank you Carnegie residents for employing our residents, paying a huge part of our tax base, not using our school system, helping to build the school gym, cleaning up wasteland property and being wonderful additions to this town.
getreal July 03, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Zoro, you fail to address the sign issue and what was done via CRMC, why ? Millions of dollars in industrial waste and PCBs ? That qualifies as a Super Fund reportable waste site with the EPA........Do not recall that being done along with licensed hazardous waste companies, monitoring wells, capping and etc.. I will not even get into how if this was such a site federal money was not used for clean up like the rest of this country. I find some of your facts and figures slightly over exaggerated (jobs, money, hazards etc.) ....


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