Fill This Tiverton Storefront: Bank of America

We want to know what businesses you want to see in our area.

While some businesses in Tiverton have been around for "as long as you can remember," many have closed their doors due to poor economic times or simply moved to a new location. But we want to know what businesses you think would thrive in our area and what empty storefront would provide the perfect location.

This storefront at 587 Main Road has been vacant for about two years, according to the , and it used to be a former Fleet then Bank of America branch building, according to the . 

So tell us, what type of business do you think should inhabit this empty storefront?

cllint malarchuck December 15, 2011 at 04:42 PM
Joe you blame the last severalcouncils for everything but just the other day you were on here paraising the good work of Mrs. Durfee. Is she the devil or the saint. What a political hack yo have become Mr. Sousa. unable to ask questions and always laying the blame on someone else.
Tiverton Dad December 15, 2011 at 05:27 PM
Joe, you are uninformed. The reason that they backed out was because of pressure and threats from the NIMBYs on Nanaquaket and lack of support from the council. The RI DEM approval was all but guaranteed.
Tiverton Dad December 15, 2011 at 05:32 PM
BoA is a large national corporation that doesn't give a crap about the needs of small town Tiverton or business owners. This type of inefficency at the expense of common sense is one of the reasons that this country is in trouble.
Tivie December 15, 2011 at 06:56 PM
Huge corporations can do some important things, such as set up systems like international banking, finance mega-infrastructure projects, etc. But you're right, those benefits come at a cost. Nobody is "responsible," power & compensation trickle up, and because their leaders live in NYC or somewhere, there are few viable ways to protest dumb policies, or have a chance to be heard in cases such as this. It's unlikely the nearest branch manager could decide to rent it out for $3K to partially mitigate the loss in such a big bureaucracy. (Makes those fee hikes even more maddening.) So yes, the country is in some trouble, because we haven't found a way to make "BIG" work for average citizens. The question is how can we fix the situation? Tiverton will probably be stuck with an empty eyesore until their lease is over. What a waste, when we have a perfectly useful building sitting there locked up - seems to defy common sense. How is it that we can all agree it's stupid, but can't do anything about it? Where did our system go wrong? Town council, and our economic planner, should think about this situation as it pertains to future development. Maybe avoiding "BIG" is a good idea. Maybe they could send a letter to BoA in the meantime, and request that they sublet at current market rates. Too many empty storefronts in this town. In the meantime, we can shop and bank locally, where the decision-maker is on the premises, and accountable to the customers.
Rich December 17, 2011 at 12:22 AM
YES to all of these! How bout a pizza place that makes good wings?? What about a music venue/bar? There is so much local and regional talent and very few places to play outside of the larger cities or beach communities. Unfortunately, the looks of the building only seem to fit a bank. Its gonna take a lot of money to make that place look and feel anything other than a bank.


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