Viewfinder: Rumbafrica, Sounds of the Congo Come to Common Fence Point

It may have been cold outside, but it was heating up inside Saturday night as Common Fence Music Series presented Rumbafrica to a welcoming, enthusiastic crowd.

Rumbafrica, a Boston based Congalese band, brought their show stomping sounds and frenetic dancing to Common Fence Point Saturday night as part of the Common Fence Music series.

The band, founded by Tshibangu Kadima in 1992, incorporates the vocal  harmonies and modern Soukous beat with lilting dance rhythms of classic Congolese rumba adapted from the more familiar Cuban Salsa.

The 10-piece band got the crowd moving and shaking during the energized two hour performance, taking local minds off the winter wonderland outside to a continent far far away and a culturre based on feeling, mystery and dance.

"You don't have to know anything about African music to love this band," says Tshibangu Kadima, "...just get up, get out and get moving."


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