Middletown Celebration of the Arts Makes A Splash

The fact that it was pouring buckets didn't keep the more than 200 visitors away from the live performances, artisan and food vendors at the annual arts festival intended to promote the arts in Middletown.

This year's Middletown Celebration of the Arts gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "rain or shine event." 

The showers that were  predicted to leave the area by noon chose to stay for the day, but that didn't keep the more than 200 hundred patrons of the arts who traveled from near and far, from donning their umbrellas to enjoy all that Middletown has to offer.

Situated at the beautiful in Middletown, the annual event hosted dozens of artisans, local food vendors and a full day's schedule of live performances.  The event's goal is to promote the arts in Middletown as a form of economic development as well as a source of demonstrating the venues for talented Islanders both young and adult.

It was warm and dry under the tents where the artistic offerings and performances were displayed and the smiles speak for themselves.

Enjoy photos from the event!  If you have your own, upload them to this article to share with the community!

Carmela Geer August 20, 2012 at 04:02 PM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVG48Zi3bzo&feature=youtube_gdata_player In the event you wouldlike to see and hear the performances click on this link to YouTube. Enjoy!


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