A&R Marine Unveils its Ferry

Ferry is part of company's plans to operate ferry service from Prudence Island to Bristol.

Say hello to the M/V Herbert C. Bonner.

It's a 112-foot long vessel that will hold 22 cars and could be a regular site as it ploughs the waves between Prudence Island and Bristol.

A&R Marine, the company that has just been given permission to operate the ferry service, announced the purchase of the vessel in an e-mail message and said she hails from North Carolina where she ran between Hatteras and Ocracoke Island.

"We are now preparing to move her into the shipyard where she will be retrofitted," the e-mail stated.

Right now, the vessel has capacity for 25 cars features two bathrooms and an upstairs cabin. A handicapped-accesible cabin is being built on the first deck along with a cargo space for wheelie carts and baggage. That will cut car capacity to 22, but "it will provide more space for walk-on passengers."

The boat was no longer large enough to serve its routes in North Carolina, the release stated, and "the vessels of this class have all been replaced with ones that carry a minimum of 52 vehicle and some carrying much more."

A&R is reportedly still finalizing plans for docking arrangements.


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