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I went to Benny's and picked up some Fuel Stabilizer . I'm a little late , but not to late . I added the Fuel stabilizer to all my gas engine equipment .  A few years back the Fed. Gov. Legislated a change in the fuel we use . They require at least a 10 % mix of Ethanol . You probably have seen the stickers on the gas pumps . Ethanol is a clean burning fuel  and some engines can run on it alone . It will go stale if it sits long enough . I like it when my mower starts on the first pull. So a little prevention saves me aggravation.
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What should be done when storing equipment with ethanol-blended fuels for extended periods?

Follow the instructions for normal storage preparation found in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual. When preparing to store equipment for extended periods of two months or more, it is best to completely remove all fuel from the tank. If it is difficult or not possible to remove the fuel, maintaining a full tank of fuel with a fuel stabilizer added to provide fuel stability and corrosion protection is recommended. It is best to add the stabilizer and fuel treatment to the tank at the recommended dosage, run the engine for 10 minutes to allow the system to be cleaned, shut off the fuel valve if it has one to interrupt the fuel supply and allow the engine to run until it stops, and top off the tank until it’s full to reduce the amount of exchange with the air that might bring in condensation. Do not cap the tank vent and do not fill with fuel to the point of overflowing. Some extra space should be maintained in the tank to allow for expansion and contraction of the fuel with temperature changes. A partially full tank is not recommended because the void space above the fuel allows air movement that can bring in water through condensation as the air temperature moves up and down. This condensation could potentially become a problem.

For Boats it can help maintain fuel systems in storage. It contains oxidation inhibitors to reduce oxidation and gum formation, metal-chelating agents to protect metal components from corrosion, water-absorbing agents to reduce the presence of free water, and dispersants to help suspend and disperse debris. When placing the equipment back in service, be sure to reopen the fuel valve to the engine.

OldTownie January 18, 2014 at 12:32 PM
Hey Joe, Here's a tip for you. Learn the difference between Methanol and Ethanol. E10 is 90% gasoline, and 10% ETHANOL! Methanol is no longer used as a fuel additive in the US.


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