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  Out to the wood shed .
I stocked up on wood with the forecast of cold weather this week. I have a shed where I store the wood  . It stays nice and dry . So do i when I'm splitting it .
The main reason to stack your wood is to allow it to get and stay dry.
Helping Hand   joesousa49@yahoo.com
Most firewood sold is green, or freshly cut, which means it could have a moisture content of 100% or more (100% moisture content means half the weight of the wood is water). In many areas, you can buy seasoned or kiln-dried wood, but you'll pay a premium for it. It's important to burn only wood with moisture content below 20%.
Burning wood with higher moisture content creates more smoke, which contains harmful chemicals and particulates and forms creosote on your chimney. It also gives you less heat, because it takes energy to boil off the excess water. That means wasted money.

The simplest way to make sure your wood is dry is to look for checks in the end grain. As wood dries the ends will usually split open up to a quarter inch (see below). Seasoned wood also has a distinct sound--knock two pieces together and you'll get a crisp, solid sound. Green wood will make a duller, muffled sound. Over time, you'll gain a feel for telling dry from green wood. - See more at: http://ccetompkins.org/


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